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How can I share a Collection?

After editing a Presentation, you are ready to share your Collection of videos with other subscribed users.

You can share the same Collection with multiple users, digiting one address at a time.
For each user you share the Collection with, you can add a message using the appropriate notes field.

The recipients of your Collection will receive an e-mail with the link to view it in Presentation mode. They will also find the Collection accessing the “My Collections” section on the platform.

Through the Share feature, you can decide at any time to prevent a user from viewing a Collection (and the related Presentation) previously shared. To do this, just click on “Share”, then click on the cross next to the corresponding user address. The address will disappear from the list, and the user will no longer have access to that Collection.

If necessary, you can decide to share the Collection again with the same user later.

Remember: Collections can be shared only with users subscribed to Mosaicoon.