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What are Presentations? What’s their purpose?

Presentations are a way to display the Collections you want to share in a format that’s familiar to the recipient (similar to a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation).

You can access the Presentation feature from the Collections section, by clicking on the corresponding icon.

What you see after clicking on “Presentation” is what the recipient will see when that Collection is shared with him/her.

Presentations allow you to show only the videos (default option), or to add text descriptions to better explain and motivate your choice.

The first page is an overview of the videos included in the Collection; each video is identified by a thumbnail and a title. By clicking on the thumbnail, you will be able to watch the video in a dedicated player.

You can access the Presentation editing mode by clicking on the button in the lower right part of the footer. This will activate a set of text fields, that you can fill in as needed.


By clicking on the same button again, you return to view mode and can preview the changes you have made.