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What do I consider when setting the price for new Similar Videos?

The price for producing new versions of the video is entirely up to the videomaker. When a brand requests a new version of a video, the price set for the new version will be the total cost the videomaker will earn.
The initial price set for the uploaded video will be overridden by the cost of producing a new version. However, if a brand requests for more than one new version, the price set by the videomaker to produce a new version will be multiplied by the total number of new versions requested by the brand.

Example: a video maker sets a price of 800€ for his/her original video, and a price of 1000€ for new versions.
If a brand requests for 1 new version of the video, the video maker earns 1000€; if a brand requests for 3 new versions, the videomaker earns 3000 Euros (1000 Euros x 3 new versions).