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What does Light Product Placement mean?

Light Product Placement is a smart version of the traditional Product Placement; it is easier to manage and it can be done in a shorter time.

Since it implies that a product is included in the footage, it can be requested only for videos that are to be made from scratch.

The following conditions apply:

  • the Creator must have set the “Create a similar video” option on the Workspace
  • the Creator must have checked the Light Product Placement option among the production services he/she is willing to offer


Light Product Placement | Mosaicoon App

To make sure that the original structure of the video is respected and that the production process is managed smoothly, the Light Product Placement must follow some rules.




 The product must be shipped via registered mail, providing a return receipt for merchandise; Creators will communicate the shipping address when confirming their availability to take charge of video production


Provided only for products with a value of more than 100 Euros: products will be shipped by Creators within 15 working days following the end of video. Shipping costs will be charged to brands.

Insurance policy

Compulsory for products with a value of more than 100 Euros: the certificate of insurance is required.




The product must be contexualized in the video in a fully natural and pertinent way


The addition of the product must not distort the video structure or idea in any way


Making product demos or showing the product in use is not allowed


Involving specialist on the production set in the visual/functional treatment of the product is not allowed

(*) Notice.: these rules don’t apply on any existing product footage provided by the brand, which can be included as a branding option (front/back cover).