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What features should a video project have?

In order to be published in the Mosaicoon catalogue, a video project must have the following features.

Ready to market: the video must be a finished and finalized product, ready to be sold and used by brands for their communication.
No branding nor inappropriate content: the video must be free from any advertising content or direct reference to a brand (for example, visible logos or trademarks). It must also avoid contents that can be offensive, disturbing or dealing with controversial subjects.
Video rights and intellectual property: you must own all the rights and licenses related to the video (for example music, actors, stock images and footage, fonts) for a complete use and distribution – with no time limit – in these channels: “Web & digital”, ” Ad web”, “Corporate”, “Events”and “Store”.
Music license: you have to be the owner of the music license. The license must be for commercial uses and web & corporate distribution. The watermark must not be included. Discover more
Original and never sold before: the video must not have been used for commercial or marketing purposes; it must not have been sold to companies nor to private individuals, nor sponsored.
Maximum length: you can upload videos that are maximum 5 minutes long. This limit actually increases your chances to sell a video: shorter ones are more likely to be chosen by brands because they can be easily distributed on all platforms.
No Credits: the video must not include any type of credits.

Check out our Rules for more details.