Mosaicoon Rules

Our mission is to match the creativity of video makers with the companies’ marketing needs. Here are some important things to keep in mind when using the platform.

Hey, video makers!

Mosaicoon welcomes videos from a variety of categories and genres: to be featured on our catalog, you must respect the technical guidelines described in our Creator’s Handbook.

How your video should be (to be featured and sold)

The platform is designed to be an inventory of professional videos.
If you want brands to notice and buy your project, you should focus on the creative idea and work on filming and editing quality, keeping an eye on:

– art direction and photography
– post-production
– acting
– storytelling
– message comprehensibility

Oh, and of course you must not upload content that:
–  is pornographic, offensive or disturbing
– is defamatory or detrimental, or produces damages of any kind
– incites to hate or discrimination
– violates any applicable law
– violates intellectual property rights or any other rights
– constitutes marketing communication or spam

Notice that any information you upload on Mosaicoon could be used for commercial, marketing, public relations and presentation purposes, according to our Privacy Policy – this is good news: promoting the platform is promoting your work, too.

Selling videos on Mosaicoon: dos and don’ts

When you submit a video, you commit to exploit the platform as your main sales channel. This means that the video could be purchased at any time by a brand and used for their communication, so make sure you own all the rights and licenses needed to use it for commercial purposes and distribute it on online and offline channels.

Also, the video must not have been used for marketing purposes or sponsored before.

Until the video is sold, you can still showcase it on your online portfolio or on other websites to promote your work; you are also free to monetize its views on other platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. When someone buys it through Mosaicoon, though, you will need to remove it from any other channel, website or media.

You can include the branded version of the video in your portfolio after the end of the campaign: remember to make a check with Mosaicon to know when you’re allowed to.

If you want to sell the video by other means, you can ask Mosaicoon to remove it from the catalog, giving a 14-day advance notice: during this period, the video will still be available for sale on Mosaicoon, so you’re bound to wait until its deletion before selling it to others.

Let’s talk about pricing, delivery and payments

When you set the price for your video, keep in mind that the branding process is included. This means that when the video is bought, you might be asked to apply one or more of the following branding options without any extra costs for the customer:
– Logo overlay
– Front cover
– Back cover

You will be provided with all the related materials.

Mosaicoon will deduct a transaction fee from the video price and from the price of any additional Custom Options the customer shall buy.

To make sure payments are issued smoothly, please double-check all personal, professional and billing information in your profile. Mosaicoon won’t be responsible for any missed payments due to incorrect data.

For every payment you receive, you must issue an invoice or sign a receipt of payment, plus to pay any taxes or commissions due according to the applicable law.

Brands and agencies, now it’s your turn.

We know you’re extra-busy, but we need you to focus on some key points for a few minutes. This will save you time later.

Using Mosaicoon for video content marketing

Mosaicoon features a wide catalog of video projects, ready to be used for your communication needs.

Being able to see exactly the video you will buy reduces months of briefings, meetings, approvals (waste of time and energy) and uncertainty about the final output (potential waste of money) to a smooth, cost-effective and quick process in which the video is branded and delivered in days.

How to choose and customize a video

You have three main choices:
– buying a video as-is (and decide which branding options to apply)
– adapt the video to your needs buying one or more of the available custom options
– make it even more tailored by asking its author to shoot one or more similar videos.

Needless to say, more customizations require more time and a higher budget – but in many  cases this is worth the extra-effort.

Another thing to remember: the editing, post-production and/or production services associated to a video are directly set by its author. The reason why not all options are available on all videos is that they depend on the video maker’s creative and production skills and on the characteristics of each specific project.

To make the most out of the platform, you should orient your choice using the platform’s suggestions and insights; you can also refer to your Mosaicoon Specialist for support in finding the perfect match between videos and your needs.

Sponsoring videos

To launch the production phase, you will be asked to provide branding materials such as logos, front and/or back covers. Make sure you have them ready when purchasing a video from Mosaicoon; if you don’t, but you want to make sure that nobody else buys the video you’ve chosen, you can reserve it for a limited time, paying a fee that will be deducted from the total price when you finalize your purchase.

One last thing everyone should remember

Making negotiations and deals or handling payments for the videos on the Mosaicoon catalog outside of the platform is not allowed. If you do, your account will be deleted and you might have to pay a penalty.

Anyway, we’re confident this is not going to happen, because joining a platform that leaves the hassle out of your working days and makes your job easier and more enjoyable is just too cool – in case you’re wondering: yes, we’re bragging. You can do it, too, we won’t mind.

Note: these rules don’t cover every possible use of Mosaicoon, but summarize some key points described in detail in our terms and conditions – which you will read carefully before signing in and starting to use the platform, won’t you?